Shocker Alert!

Reading has been for me in the past just what I would imagine childbirth would be… Well, I have had many babies but that was a previous life and don’t actually remember the pain.  That being said, reading is not on my list of top 1,000 things I would love to do.

Well, I have been experiencing  when I am reading the same thing more than 1 time, I am beginning to understand it a whole lot better.  I am actually looking forward to doing it.  Just had to do the mirror test to see if this is me in my meditative state and have checked out or for real… Holly shmokes!


Week 1 Masterkey

Hi MasterKeyn’s…  The first week has been a treat! Perfecting an old thought of dyslexia, and then reading what seems like a 100 books is a week, I am realizing when the story is fun, things can happen.  For a guy that has read one book in the last 30 plus years, I am thrilled the book is getting easier since it isn’t a race and there is only a get it don vs there is a test that if you don’t get ?% you are out.  So, reading on, slow but sure.  See, a Bad habit is changing to a great habit… Oh, Scroll 1!  What an idea.